Visual Identity

A selection of logomarks created for various clients.

Speak To

SpeakTo was a networking platform that facilitated 1 on 1 consultations via online video calls, connecting users to potential mentors and invaluable career opportunities through conversation. 

Cole Clark Guitars

Cole Clark are one of the largest guitar manufacturers in Australia. Their previous word mark was growing a little outdated—the business had grown and they needed a professional logo with increased legibility to align with the elegance and quality of their product.


Rohan Sforcina

Rohan Sforcina is an audio engineer and music producer based in Melbourne. The logomark was inspired by the analogue audio equipment put to use in his recording studio.

Alma Maya Jewellery

Alma Maya is a jewellery brand importing Mexican and South American made necklaces, brooches and rings to Australia. A bespoke logomark was developed from the A and M initials, alongside a custom logotype.

Carbon X

Carbon X was a satellite event for the annual Carbon Speakers Festival. With a focus on more niche subject matters, Carbon X allowed for smaller scale events. It required its own logo, look and feel with custom colour pallette and an adapted version of the parent Carbon logo.

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